Dr r. Chongkit


Dr. Renison Chongkit is the founder and director of Novavita Laboratory. Dr. Chongkit has both general and specialist registrations with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of B.C., with a specialty in General Pathology. His vast knowledge and dedication have made Novavita's vision achievable.

Kirin Sidhu


Kirin is an experienced phlebotomist with a compassionate heart that has great influence on the laboratory staff and our clients. By reaching out to others, she allows us to envision the impact and differences we can make in other people's lives. She takes pride and joy in her work everyday.

Bonnie Tam


Bonnie is a Registered Medical Laboratory Technologist at Novavita Lab. She graduated from the medical laboratory science program at BCIT in 2014. She finds fulfillment in being a technologist and she will continue to provide innovative ideas to improve the laboratory.

Mei Villanueva


Mei is our newest addition to the Novavita Team. She has gained many years of phlebotomy experience when she was a lab assistant. However, she believes that there is always room for improvement which is why she continued her studies to become a registered medical laboratory technologist. 


Gladys Lundgren


Gladys brings a wealth of experience and happiness to Novavita. She is always cheerful to chat with in English or Spanish. Her optimistic and professional attitude is the fuel needed to drive us into achieving our goals and missions in this laboratory.

Patti Freeman


Patti is a Registered Medical Technologist and the supervisor of Novavita Laboratory. She has several (and I mean several) years of experience in the field of medical laboratory science. Patti believes in life-long learning and promoting good mental health in the workplace through the use of humour.